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The Basics of Soccer and Player Positions

Soccer is a fun sport that requires a team effort to win. We see it everywhere from television to print ads. A lot of people would like to play it and yet, some do not even know where to begin with to learn the sport, answering questions like “How many players should be in the team?” or “What are their positions?” or even “What are the players called?” In this feature, you will learn all the basic data you need to know about playing soccer so you can start trying it out with ease.

What Is Soccer?

Soccer is played by two teams with eleven members each, both fighting to bring the ball beyond their rival’s goal line. In this game, no one is allowed to touch the ball except for the use of body parts other than the hands or arms. You may use your head, chest or knees but never the hands and arms. The only players allowed to touch the ball are the goalkeepers but we will get to that part later.

Soccer is played in a large field given the number of players involved in it. The field, or what they call in Soccer as pitch, is more than a hundred meters in length with two goals at each end. In front of the goal is the penalty area, an area that has many functions but, mainly, its purpose is that it is where the goalkeeper may handle the ball.

What Are The Players Called?

Soccer requires eleven players for each team. Some of these players are called the Forwards. These players’ purpose is to score goals. They are usually the players who get penalty kicks and the ones responsible for the kick-off at the start of the game and halftime.

Another type of player is the Midfielders. They are in charge of assisting and ensuring that the rival team cannot go beyond their goal line. They pass the ball to Forwards and tries to score themselves if ever there is an opportunity.

Some of the players are called Defenders. They are responsible for doing all that it takes for the ball not to get beyond their defense. They are also the last players that the rival team will encounter before it reaches the goalkeeper.

There are also players which are called Sweepers. They are usually the ones who do throw-ins whenever the rival team kicks the ball beyond the field boundaries.

And finally, the Goalkeeper. Also called the goalie, this player is the only one allowed to touch the ball using their hands. Positioned in front of the soccer goal nets, they are responsible for making sure the ball does not reach the nets. If the goalie is not able to deter the ball, the rival team gets a score. During penalty kicks, the goalie is also in charge of blocking so that the ball does not hit the net. Dropkicks are also part of their job and that is to kick the ball as farther away as they can from their own goal.

Learning the basics of soccer and the unique positions in the game is very important for a beginner. This will be a great guide to start-off your soccer journey and in making team plays that are sure to end up victorious.

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Swimming; The best addition for your lifestyle

Exercising or working out is a must to all. The best way to enhance your health, stimulate your blood flow, strengthen your immunity system is giving your body the necessary workout. But due to our extremely busy schedule we are unable to keep up with our routines. Besides, many of us are a bit too lazy to get into those track suits and work out. But still it is a must. Fortunately, swimming is a great way to work our entire body without stressing our bones, muscles and joints too much. If you are not yet convinced about swimming, continue reading.

Works inside and out


Swimming doesn’t stress your body too much. So you will not feel much pain. But, in reality, it does all the work while you are enjoying your self in water. Your heart rate will increase, muscles will be toned and your whole body will be strengthened and fit. Also, it makes both your heart and lungs much stronger. And did you know that researchers that found that it reduces the risk of death. Of course, swimming also lowers our blood pressure and controls the blood sugar. So you can see why they say so.

Help combat certain diseases

 If you are someone suffering from arthritis, certain injuries and joint pains, swimming might actually help you. Even for people suffering from asthma, swimming can benefit them in great ways.  Holding the breath will expand their lung capacity and also take control over breathing, this will reduce asthma. But yet again the chemicals used in the pool can be harmful to some people. It is better to talk to your doctor before signing up for swimming lessons.


Burn calories

 Obviously, isn’t it? The amount of calories burnt when swimming is quite high. Since you will not be feeling tired like the typical workout , swimming might be a great option.

Stress management and better sleep

 Swimming is a great way to get rid of that stress After a hard days work, just jump into the pool and do a few laps. You will be in great mood afterwards. in addition, swimming will boost your sleep. Studies have found that people with insomnia find swimming as a great way to boost their sleep.


So with all these benefits you get the added advantage of learning a great sport. You will surely enjoy your time in the pool. So sign up for classes in your area. If you are from Singapore, simply book some swimming lessons Singapore.

 Swimming is a great way to boost your health and enjoy a fun sport.



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Sports to keep your child active

Children love to be active and they should be that way at all times. This is how they grow in a healthy manner. If not, you will not see the world evolving and it will be quite a pathetic situation to witness. We need to keep the younger generation healthy and fit at all times.

This means that they need to engage in sports and other types of activities. This may be encouraged at a very young age from school or even maybe via private classes which you enroll your child in. however the goal is to get the little one involved in it and keeping the on the move all the time. Many sports are among favorites of them. Tennis, badminton, football etc. are just some of them. Schools may have lessons dedicated for each of these sports. For example, primary school badminton lesson is conducted once a week to teach the child the basics of the game.

Thereafter the lesson will go on to teach more advanced tactics and also some tips and tricks which help to win against the opposing partner. It could be played in single player mode or in double player mode. Each mode has its own pros and cons and some rules that apply to them. You need to be aware of all of these in order to become a successful badminton player. You can build up your skills from a very basic level and go up to more advanced levels. This should be your aim and you should target at it appropriately.

Many students of schools enroll themselves in at least sport. However, they are usually involved in more than one activity during their school career, which may also include various interactive and subject clubs too. All these are good for them because they help keep them active in various methods. Studies should not be the only thing encouraged for a student, although it is one of the most important things on this aspect. You can make the student come up in life and learn all about winning and losing via playing games. Even during recess, children love to play in the playground because this is what they are yearning for. The freedom, instead of being tied to a chair in front of a desk. A balance should be create between both studies and activities and the student should be told the importance of both and the differences of each too. This way they are not ignorant to the fact that they should take both of these very seriously, but in different ways.


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What You Should Be Wearing to the Gym

There may have been times when you’d been to the nearby park for your usual jog and you looked around and noticed how good everyone looks! It probably wasn’t because they were in their best shape or that they were super fit or anything, but because they wore the right things for their workout sessions. Or it could be both. If they weren’t in great shape, then surely those clothing did something to make them look great? Perhaps that is when it actually struck you how ‘odd’ or ‘different’ you look from the rest of them all, and you’ve started considering getting some of those cool stuff for yourself, too.

Gear for Sport and Workout

Clothing or attire is one major thing that many of you may overlook when it comes to prioritising workout requirements. You may look so closely into the other stuff like plans, routines, diets, and ideal places for your workout. You might even get so obsessed about it that you’d even overthink about the flooring safety and the walls of your gym. But, what about clothing? When you speak about gear, you are likely to almost instantly think of shoes. However, that is not it. The right type of clothing is way more important than you actually think it is. And believe it or not, the lack of appropriate clothing can even result in a decline in productivity and the inability to focus.

Why is it important?

Opting for appropriate activewear is essential and needs to go up that list of gym/workout requirements, always. This type of clothing is usually designed using the perfect materials and professional tailoring to give you the desired comfort during your intense or casual workout sessions. There are so many concerns or factors related to your body that could contribute hugely to your performance and success. For instance, moisture, heat, sweat, and friction are some of the things that would need to be controlled correctly within and around your body, and your clothing does 80 percent of the job. In fact, the wrong type of clothing can actually mess with the way your body functions, causing you to fail and lose the race. Therefore, you would always make sure you are fully prepared for action, which ideally would include proper diets, proper routines, and proper clothing.

The Comfort Factor

Basically, this kind of attire is designed to give you ultra-comfort. Usually, a proper workout is all about stretching and moving rhythmically and being super agile. It could also involve sudden, forceful movement that challenges your limbs and the rest of your body. Thus, your clothing would ideally need to ‘corporate’ with this kind of activity. Most or all of the sport-type clothing is made using stretchable material that is less likely to get torn or damaged by aggressive movement. In other words, they are like thin, light covering over your body that makes you feel almost as though you aren’t clothed at all. The lighter you feel, the better for you during the workout.

Every occasion or activity requires you to be dressed appropriately. Just like swimwear, or ballet costumes, you need to have the right clothing for your gym-time, too.

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